Amazing Wedding Videographer & $300 OFF

Your wedding is a once-in-a-life time event, and documenting it is something you will always cherish. 

This is a clip from my reception video which was taken by a 13-year-old boy, and you are seeing things from his height, which was about chest-level for all of our guests (whose faces we actually almost saw), and the camera is rocking around so much you feel like you're on a boat.

That's what you get when you just have a family/friend take a home-video type shot of your special day.

Compare that with a professional who specializes in creating a hollywood-style cinematic masterpiece like this one.  This is the art work of Chris McClain, the best videographer I have come accross in all of my research. 

Check out this highlight demo of his work:

Chris McClain Productions // Highlight Reel // Demo 2011 from Chris McClain Productions on Vimeo.

I am so impressed with his wedding cinematography skills that I recommend him to all of my brides. 
Check out his site and contact him for your wedding!


  1. I'm trying to get this done in March sometime, so I need to find a couple before then. :)


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