Sophie & Shane

Sophie & Shane had a beautiful wedding at Memory Grove. I, being used to all of my weddings starting at least half hour late, leisurely took my time getting to the wedding (and thinking it started at 12:30) was actually there just before they started at 11:45. Let me tell you, it's far better to watch everyone else scrambling to get there while I sit back and enjoy the chaos.
My favorite part of these weddings is watching people get crazy on the dance floor. I always want to throw down my camera and join them, but alas, I get to capture the moment. :) This time, it was watching a group of girls dancing to "I like big butts, and I cannot lie" while some more conservative people sat back looking awkward and uncomfortable. LOL They quickly changed the song to Hokey Pokey and got some of the stander-bys involved.
How wonderful it was that the children stole all the bubble blowers at the beginning of the day, so when the wedding couple went to leave there were only two bubble blowers left- to which someone replied "blow like hell!" LOL

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